MANA is a powerful antenna modeling program that is fascinating to experiment with. It can model a wide range of antenna types, calculate radiation patterns, power gains, front-to-back ratios, feed impedances, bandwidths, the effects of loading inductors, capacitors and resistors, the effects of resonant traps, the effects of some types of transmission lines, and other things of interest to anyone interested in antennas. However, there are important issues that can totally invalidate results, there are some annoying software bugs to avoid, many program capabilities are not immediately obvious, and the documentation is limited. All that combines to leave many first-time-users wondering how to begin, and if they do begin, wondering whether the results they obtain are valid. If that is your situation, this step-by-step inverted-coat-hanger antenna design example won’t teach you everything there is to know about MMANA, but it will get you started, and probably will get you hooked.

Berhubung ada teman yang tanya mengenai cara penggunaan MMANA, ini coba saya upload hasil pencarian saya juga. Maaf link sumbernya uda lupa, tapi yang jelas link peng upload pertama kali ada fotonya di file. Bagi yang ingin mencoba pertama kali, untuk mempermudah dalam penggunaan silakan download tutorial di link berikut guys :

Download MMANA Antenna Tutorial
Download MMANA Antenna Software

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  1. Posted by piyek on November 27, 2011 at 12:53 am

    kok duduk programe mmana peng?….tak download isine dokumen


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